Sunday, August 26, 2012

Un-Perfectly Chheeek meets KULA Revolving Sushi!!

Un-Perfectly Chheeek food and Wine meets KULA Revolving Sushi!!

KULA: Revolving Sushi Bar
Address: 9659 Milliken Ave., Suite 104-105
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Daily 11:30am - 9:00pm

I took a Mini Road Trip to Ontario, Ca to visit my friend Andrea. As I drove from the Valley to the IE, I began to have a craving for SUSHI hmmmmmm.

Once I arrived at her Apt, I asked her “Do you have a taste bud for something?”

And then I mentioned I was in the mood for Sushi!!! Two Thumbs up from Miss Andrea. Next I darted to my yelp App and what pops up KULA REVOLVING SUSHI!!!

WHAT?? I’ve never had revolving sushi, I’ve heard about it, but never dared!!!

Finally like two kids in a candy store we arrive and got seated at a booth. Then our eyes bolted to the conveyor Belt… AHHHHHH so many options where do we start. Each plate is $2.00, they count them at the end and that is how your bill is tallied. They have other options on the menu that have different prices, but everything is very reasonable.

Have you ever had food continuously pass by you? Well if you haven’t its quite fun!! When the average restaurant goer dines in a restaurant, he or she has time to look over the menu and casually weigh out their options. Well in the revolving world that all flies out the door!!! “you see, you like, you grab” :+) and if you take a second thought, it might be gone on the next loop around the belt. My friend and I started grabbing and ended up with 7 dishes or so to begin. I couldn’t help but keep turning my head every time a new picture glided by on the track. Each dish had very unique flavors!!! One might think "Hey, this food is just chilling till someone grabs it, YUCK....But, NO it's super fresh and delightful.

My favorite 3 dishes on the menu were :

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll
Sesame Balls
Spider Roll

P.s. Im cheating I have to add another TWO:

Baked Scallop roll and the Volcano Roll Delicious :+)

I have to say all of the food I ate was quite delicious, would I return? OF COURSE. I think I might have to do the KULA tour around California. My next stop will be Kula in Torrance, Ca….

Now I have added some images in to get your taste buds excited.

Just to picture a few we had:

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Sesame Balls

Green Tea Ice Cream

Spider Roll

Crispy Rice with spicy tuna

Spicy Tuna Crunchy Roll

Crispy Rice with crab mayo

Catepillar Roll

We ended our Kula journey with 16 plates - Yikes Roll me out please.
P.S. This location is located right next to the Marriot hotel - Therefore, if its that bad you can roll yourself into the lobby and get a room to recover!!!!!

Cheers, Melissa

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